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Welcome to ISHPMIE 2016, Dalian, China!

On behalf of the ISHPMIE International Organizing Committee and the Local Organizing committee, we sincerely invite you to attend the 11th International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention, and Mitigation of Industrial Explosion (ISHPMIE) in Dalian, China July 24-29 2016. The 11th ISHPMIE will be hosted by Dalian University of Technology.

This Symposium was started from the first symposium in 1996, in Bergen, Norway. It was established by incorporating the Seventh International Colloquium on Dust Explosions (The first five were held in Poland: Baranow (1984), Jadwisin (1986), Szczyrk (1988), Porabka-Kozubnik (1990), Pultusk (1993), and then Shenyang, China (1994)) and the Second Colloquium on Gas, Vapor, Liquid, Hybrid and Fuel–Air Explosions (The First Colloquium was held in Montreal, Canada (1981)). The symposium continued with the second symposium in Schaumburg, USA (1998), the third in Tsukuba, Japan (2000), the fourth in Bourges, France (2002), the fifth in Cracow, Poland (2004), the sixth in Halifax, Canada (2006), the seventh in St. Petersburg, Russia (2008), the eighth in Yokohama, Japan (2010), the ninth in Cracow, Poland (2012) and the tenth in Bergen, Norway (2014).

Dalian is a famous coastal city in northern China where you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, mild climate, stylish architecture, comfortable beaches and so on. In 2006, the National Tourism Administration and the United Nations World Tourism Organization named Dalian as "The Optimum Tourist City".

We sincerely hope to see you in Dalian in July 2016!





Mingshu Bi

Local Organizing Committee Chair

May 11, 2015